How to Find Your Passion in 7 Steps

How to Find Your Passion in 7 Easy Steps

A Journey of How to Find Your Passion Video

In 2016, I began a new task, in a new town, with a brand-new automobile, and I was on top of the world.

All my goals seemed to have fallen into place. I had the opportunity to develop relationships with a brand-new group of leaders, I had more autonomy over my work and complete access to the senior management team. Not to mention a substantial bump in income.

But about a year in to this position, I stopped feeling the high that brought me to that role in the first place. I enjoyed the work I was doing; it was challenging and rewarding. I liked a number of individuals I dealt with (alright– some of individuals). So what was missing?

Challenging work and an excellent group weren’t enough for me any longer. The missing out on piece was passion. I didn’t feel anything for the work the way I did in my previous position.

Then I kept in mind something my mentor told me, “things come into your life for a factor or a season.” Was my season up? Was I indicated to do something more with my life? However what?

I started doing some research study on purpose and enthusiasm. I listened to audiobooks on my commute and check out posts on my lunch break. The resources all indicated similar things: asking ourselves deep, thought-provoking questions.

These questions are designed to make us stop briefly and think deeply about the responses. We don’t frequently offer ourselves the luxury of time and privacy to figure things out. However when we do, we have the power to transform our lives.

Here are the 7 questions I asked myself to find my Passion:

1. What makes you forget to consume and pee?

Simply put, what do you get so lost in that you misplace time?
Frequently, the answer to this concern is available in the kind of a pastime or activity. It doesn’t need to be something we are presently doing; it can be something we carried out in a previous task or prior to we had kids. Consider something you could provide for hours, that when you take a look at the clock, you can’t believe how much time has passed.

For me, the answer to this concern was developing. Producing in the form of PowerPoint discussions, composing posts, making leaflets, files, posters … Anything that tapped my imaginative side and put my concepts to paper.

2. What can you talk about for hours that when you discuss it, you illuminate?

The answer to this concern is a big hint about what delights us. We frequently think about our passions as “what wakes us up in the morning,” however I like to think about enthusiasm as what wakes up our souls. This could be something you like to teach others, a subject you enjoy debating, or something you constantly research study or check out.

I can discuss individual strengths for hours. Seriously, a fantastic day for me would be one where I spend the whole day speaking with women about their intrinsic strengths and skills and how to use them to release their capacity. I can’t read sufficient details or buy too many books on how we can utilize our strengths.

3. What did you love to do as a kid?

This is one of my favourite questions because the answers are so surprising therefore different for everyone. We’ve all experienced our youth in a different way, so we all collect different understanding and meaning from it. No matter how we feel about our total youth, there is something we can take away from it. Think about how you played as a kid. Another way to look at this concern is to consider how your youth self would view your adult self.

As a kid, I loved composing short stories. I keep in mind when we got our very first household computer. I spent hours on the program Creative Writer, knocking out stories and adding massive amounts of clip art as illustrations. I also loved writing plays and acting them out with my siblings and neighbors and composing complex, soap-opera-like stories for my Barbies.

4. If you could be remembered for 3 things after you pass away, what would they be?

It can be tough to narrow down our actions to just three things. A number of us want to be remembered as a caring friend, a dedicated parent or a caring provider. If we give ourselves the area to think deeper, we can think about what kind of legacy we wish to leave behind. Beyond the family-and-friend bullet points, think of what you will do for the world.

I want to be remembered for helping females achieve parity in companies and federal government around the world; for enhancing health care systems in underdeveloped nations; and for inspiring and educating women around the world.

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5. If you were economically safe and secure, what would you make with your time?

This is a fun exercise in visualization. Image yourself on a normal day in your economically safe future. What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? These questions help to solidify the vision in your mind. Got the picture? Use it to determine what you would do if money was not a barrier.

If I was economically secure, I would travel the world, residing in a different nation each year. I would learn whatever I could about the culture of each nation and talk to females about their professions and lives. I would discuss my experiences and interactions in the hopes of bringing women closer to equality in their nations.

6. What is working well for you in your current life & profession? What do you discover satisfying, meaningful, pleasurable and essential?

These last few questions are helpful due to the fact that they allow us to examine our present circumstance and surroundings. Not all elements of our lives require to be changed, nor do we require to alter something every year. These questions help us find what we want more of in our lives, or a minimum of the pieces we want to keep undamaged.

For me, at the time I asked myself this question, I took pleasure in having autonomy in my task. I liked the flexibility of making my own hours, not having to sign in with my boss every day and being able to create my own strategic plan for what I wished to achieve. I also discovered informing and training my colleagues to be meaningful and crucial. I took pleasure in every day when I could deliver a presentation or training to a group.

7. What isn’t working for you? What drains you, makes you worried, or wastes your time?

This last question helps us identify what we want less of in our lives or what we want to eliminate altogether. When we feel stuck or dissatisfied, it assists to consider how much time we invest in activities that we don’t take pleasure in, and if we are willing to take that with us in the future.

My commute was the biggest waste of my time and the aspect of my task that drained me the most. Despite the fact that I listened to podcasts and audiobooks, I constantly felt like I could use that time far more proficiently. I understood I didn’t want to have a long commute in my future.

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The Takeaway on How to Find Your Passion

Discovering our enthusiasm in life is sensible and attainable.

If you’re feeling stuck, unhappy or unfinished, I prompt you to think about these questions. Spend some time to sit with your thoughts, then grab a piece of paper and start composing.

Our passion can lead us to our purpose. It can shape our choices, lead us to higher joy, and assist us leave a tradition we’re proud of.

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