Hypnotic Weight Management Bundle

Works by Hypnotic Weight Management and reprogramming your mind to have a positive relationship with food and exercise without ever feeling deprived or restricted.

This Weight Management audio bundle saves you the cost of a personal trainer, the high failure rate of extreme dieting and the difficulty of ‘yo-yo dieting. These audios help you reach satiety sooner and train your brain to make wiser food and drink choices.

Unlock These 3 Audios:

Audio #1: Hypnotic Weight Control

Condition yourself to easily and permanently reach and maintain your ideal weight without dieting.*

Mentally shrink your stomach size and condition yourself to become motivated to only want to eat healthy, real food.*

Audio #3: Selective And Moderate Drinking

This audio programs your mind so that you become and stay a selective and moderate drinker. You will program your mind so that you stop drinking after one, or two drinks and only drink a few times a week. It will become easy and not something you have to consciously focus on.*


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