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6 Keys to Learning Faster For More Success In Life- by Jim Kwik Motivational

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Learning Faster can lead to being more successful, e.g. like a second or third language? They learn fast right, because why? How many people you hear a song and they’ll? Take you back to when you’re, a child, raise your hand, how many people it’s an out of the song, but maybe it’s a fragrance or food.

That would take you back decades, because information combined with emotion, became a long-term memory right because we’re, not logical. We’re. What we don’t do things logically, all the time we do things.

What emotionally right, because we’re, not logical or biological, everyone wrote. This down. All Learn Faster is state-dependent that the emotional state that you feel when you’re learning. Something gets anchored to the learning.

Does that make sense by the way, what was the state that you felt back in school board and the other class other half the class is like confused right now on a scale of 0 to 10. What’s, boredom zero anything times? Zero becomes what zero and that’s.

Why a lot of people don’t remember what they learned is the emotional state. Does that make sense? We said that children are the fastest learners right that dampest curiosity and they play all the time.

Now it’s been shown in science.to Learn Faster. The research by doing by playing more actually creates neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Like Einstein, didn’t have a bigger brain than anyone here, but in certain areas of his brain get highly connectedness.

He did. These thought experiments to learn faster where he put himself in these brainwave States, specifically theta state that’s. The state that you’re in when you shower that’s. The theta state that’s, a relaxed state of creativity.

You’re, inspired to come up with new ideas, new things coming out of you right, and so he had more connections in certain areas. You could promote that by playing more. We live in an age where it’s, not your muscle power.

It’s more your mind, power, the faster you can learn faster certainly the faster you can earn, but not just financially in all the areas of your life. I remember recently I got to introduce two of my modern-day superheroes.

It was Stan Lee and we’re going to dinner. I remember asking Stan I was like I have to know you. You’ve, created all these incredible superheroes who’s, your favorite, and he looks at me without a blanket like firemen, and then he’s like Jim, who’s, your favorite superhero.

I was like spider-man and without a pause he says, with great power comes. The opposite is also true. With great responsibility comes great power, [, Music ]! You take responsibility for something you have great power to what to change things, to transforms things to make things better.

Learning faster is like building a physical muscle, you give it what nutrition same thing with your mental muscles. Information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory right, the state that you learned something and the mood and the feelings that you learn something in it’s attached to what you want to learning faster.

I’m gonna give you six keys to learning faster. You can write these down. I want you to remember, be fast, be fast, six keys to learn any subject or skill faster, so the B in B fast stands for belief, because if you believe you can or believe you can’t either way what either way you’re right all behaviour is belief, driven how many people here talking about memory because memory forgetting is a state a lot of people say.

Oh, I have a bad memory right. They always like. I have memory or I have focused or I don’t have focus, or I have creativity. I don’t have creativity. I want you to scrap that creativity is not something you have it’s.

Something you do. Memory is not something you have it’s, something you do there’s, no such thing as a good or bad memory. There’s, just a train memory and an untrained memory. Your brain is like a supercomputer and your self talk is a program it will run.

So if you tell yourself you’re, not good at remembering names, you will not remember the name of the next person you meet because you programmed your supercomputer not to your mind, is always eavesdropping on your self-talk and so the challenge here is this Too much information too little time the amount information is doubling at dizzying speed, but how we learn it, how we remember it has that changed at all.

Your brain cycles through different brain waves. Beta is when you’re. Most awake Delta is when your sleep theta is right above Delta, that’s. The state of creativity we talked about in between beta and beta.

When you’re, most awake is a state called alpha right, the state you go in when you meditate states you go into when you do deep, 3 breathing state you’re. Also in when you watch television. The alpha state is a great state to learn in though, so, how do you keep your brain active, so smart devices could be extremely convenient.

I shall give you third villain digital dimension. This is the idea that we’re outsourcing. Our brains to our smart devices were so reliant on our smart phones that our smart phones are making a stupid.

It’s. Convenient I don’t want to I don’t want to memorize 500 phone numbers, but we ‘ Ve lost the ability to memorize one. There is no learning, without remembering so be is believed. Believe you can’t believe you can now the e I’m gonna go through these really fast is exercise exercise, and what I mean by this is, I mean physical exercise, because your brain primary, the primary function of your brain Is to control your movement as your body moves your brain group.

If you want to learn any subject or skill faster, the F is to forget: forget a lot of people. Don’t learning faster because they feel like they know it already right. So you want to forget about anything else than what you’re learning here temporarily.

The a and fast is for active. You take notes, you ask questions, you do with you participate in it. The S and fast stands for state that all learning is state dependent. All learning is state dependent.

I never want to learn in a board state right. Most people like when they read they’re in a bored state. People wonder why they don’t, remember what they read so control your state. Finally, the tea and fast and be fast stands for teach.

You learn with the intention of teaching it to somebody else. If you had to teach this to somebody when you got back home your team, your family, your friends, would you learn it differently right? So you learn with the intention of teaching to somebody else, because when you teach something you get to learn it twice.

Let me close with this. When I got home there was a package waiting for me open up. I don’t. If you could put this the last two slide on please I opened it up and there’s. This photograph there’s, a photograph of me and the entire cast of x-men, and even better than how the Barry and Jennifer wants everything that’s on.

There was the note from the chairman. It said this Jim. Thank you so much for sharing your superpowers with all of us. I know you’ve, been looking for your superhero schools that your kid here’s. Your class photo.

So my question, for you is this: if you could go back to that child inside of you, that younger self and right now tell them something that they need to hear what would that be, and if you were to go in the future one year, two years, Five years, ten years and in future, I believe you have wisdom inside of you, I believe you have greatness inside of you if you were to project ten years ahead of time and look back on this day right now.

What is your current self need to hear from your future self? I have a quote that I get caught on more than anything else, talks about an egg and stresses that your egg is like your life if an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends, but if it’s broken by an inside force, Life begins and all great things begin on the inside. So I hope you found this article on Learning faster useful for more success, in school, college, work, play, sport or anything else.

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