Secret Trick to Overcome Fears in 5 Seconds Flat

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Today we look at how using Mel Robbins Secret trick to Overcome Fears in 5 Seconds flat, as explained in the 5-second, Available Free below.

How it can be used to overcome fears. Click Here to Use this technique to overcome fears you have in a 5-second window to help you deal with various circumstances. [Intro] If today’s video is of value please like the video to let me know you enjoyed it, share it with friends or family to educate others, and consider subscribing for more content like this.

Secret Trick to Overcome Fears in 5 Seconds Flat

Mel Robbins has helped millions click here to find out more about this extremely simple principle and today’s video looks at how you can deal with moments of fear using the 5-second rule to help you stay calm and help you overcome your fears.

Now before we break down how the rule works in circumstances where you might be afraid, let me first share a story about Mel Robbins and how she helped someone using the technique. The situation occurred on a flight to Boston, which was quite coincidental as Mel Robbins has previously spoken about her fear of flying and how she uses the 5-second rule to help her overcome her fears

Trixie Case Study-Overcome Fear of Flying

When sat on this flight, a woman named Trixie sat next to Mel was clearly distressed during a period of turbulence and reached across to hold Mel’s hand for comfort. At this moment, Mel asked Trixie if she would like to try a technique that might help her relax, to which Trixie replied a definite “Yes please!!”.

So at this moment, Mel asked Trixie to think of what she was most excited about when thinking of her trip to Boston. It turned out Trixie was visiting her uncle and aunt to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

In response Mel told Trixie to close her eyes and think about how exciting the party will be. Then, they counted down, 5-4-3-2-1 and just like that, Trixie relaxed and much of her anxiety and stress was gone.

Now the story is quite a phenomenal experience, but let’s breakdown exactly what happened that Trixie went from being extremely nervous to the point of seeking comfort from a complete stranger to being excited to celebrate a party.

Simple Shift of Focus Overcome Fear and Switch it to Excitement

Now the simple answer was she shifted focus from the fear to excitement, which is true, but understanding why shifting focus is important, because that will allow you to reapply this technique in many circumstances.

[Mel Robbins speaks] So, what exactly happened when Trixie went through the process?

1) Identified the purpose of experiencing the fear. Usually, when you embark on doing something which you fear, you usually do it because there’s a reason that’s more important than the fear for you.

For example in the case of Trixie, despite being afraid of flying she chose to fly to Boston for family, which she obviously considered worth doing regardless of her issues of flying. By identifying the reason you want to do something despite feeling afraid, you give yourself purpose on embarking and taking action in the first place.

Now if you’re already taking action, by reminding yourself the reason you’re taking action to begin with you build up courage to persevere and get through the difficulties.

2) Visualised the result she was experiencing the fear for.

As previously mentioned, you want to first take the step of reminding yourself why you’re taking the action you are. From here, go through a visualisation process to imagine what it is you will be experiencing at the end of the journey.

It’s not just about imagining the situation, but visualising is putting yourself into the future and experiencing the situation and emotions. For Trixie, this was to visualise the party she was attending in Boston, visualising all of her family being there and experiencing the joy she would feel while celebrating.

This acts to give purpose to our actions, but also distract us from the difficulty we’re facing at hand.

3) Created an anchor for comfort. By reminding herself of the purpose of the trip and then visualizing her experience in Boston, Trixie created an anchor to help her manage and cope with her fear.

The Anchor to Overcome Fear in 5 Seconds

The anchor serves to be a safe point of reference for her anytime she feels the sensations of fear starting to overcome her and make her feel distressed. So, if turbulance was to happen again, she can use her anchor to again calm herself down and again visualise the end experience.

Bear in mind, the technique here isn’t about overcoming a fear permenantly, as that requires a different treatment, it’s about coping with the fear in situations where it can cause distress. [Mel Robbins]

4) The 5 second rule acted as metacognition to change behavioural patterns.

Now in Trixie’s case what happened was by visualising and then applying the

5-second rule, she applied a form of metacognition or having the understanding and awareness of your own thought processes.

The brain was focused on her fear and at that moment her distress was overwhelming her. By using the

5-second rule, she overrode the natural process the brain takes in that situation where it creates a sense of panic to try and escape the perceived danger, and instead focused on a future outcome and sensation she’s instead excited to feel.

In this instance, the 5 second rule is distracting the brain from all the signals of alarm, which is where the metacognition factors in, you understand the mind’s natural process and do something to change the outcome.

5) The 5 second rule acted to control the prefrontal cortex. Finally, the process of using the 5 second rule is to control the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that’s involved things like decision making, planning and working towards goals.

By taking control of your prefrontal cortex using the 5 second rule, you create a feeling of control in your life. By counting down 5-4-3-2-1, you are taking a deliberate action. The countdown pushes you out of the autopilot the brain is geared in, which in Trixie’s case was a sense of danger and fear.

Instead, when you act you’re exercising control and you’re turning on your prefrontal cortex. By using the 5 second rule, you cultivate what researchers call an “internal locus of control,” which means that you believe you have control over your outcomes and future success.

Feel A Greater Sense of Control To Overcome Fears

Now when you feel a greater sense of control, you also feel a greater sense of confidence, which is vital when dealing with fear. Research shows us that those with an internal locus of control are happier, in better health, more likely to achieve at work, and have lower levels of anxiety and depression.

And the more often you keep in that state, the easier it becomes to keep feeling a sense of control over your life. [Mel Robbins] In Trixie’s case, she used the 5 second rule to overcome fear by distracting the mind from her fear and focused on the outcome she was travelling towards.

By using the 5 second rule, she triggers a number of reactions in her mind to help change her state from one of fear and distress to another of calm and excited. When coping with fear, that’s an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal.

5 second rule to overcome fear during her flight

So you see, by applying the principles of the 5-second rule to overcome her fear during her flight, Trixie actually changed her response from being afraid of the current circumstance to being excited for what was yet to come.

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You can use this exact principle in your own life too to overcome your fears, not just in those moments you’re afraid of a situation, but also in those where you might be afraid of taking action towards achieving your goal.

The visualising the results of hitting the goal can act as your anchor, and the 5 second rule can be the driving force towards achieving it. [Mel Robbins Speaks] Will you try the 5 second rule to overcome a fear and if so, what fear are you dealing with? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Today we looked at how using Mel Robbins as 5-second all can be used to overcome fears Click Here

You too can use this technique to overcome fears you have in a five-second window to help you deal with various circumstances if today’s video is of value please like the video to let me know you’ve enjoyed it share it with friends and family to educate others and consider subscribing for more content like Below:-

The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage

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