Which Type of Creative Thinker Are You?

Here are the 5 types of imaginative thinkers: Which Type of Creative Thinker Are You?

All of us have an innovative genius within us. Much Like Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, imagination is also determined in lots of unique ways. This means that the innovative procedure works in a different way for everybody. Are you questioning what yours appear like? Here are the 5 kinds of creative thinkers:

1. The Lateral Thinker

Lateral thinkers believe in thinking “outside the box,” creating brand-new concepts rather than working with what’s currently familiar. Lateral thinking is excellent for problem-solving, innovations, and inventions (De Bono, 2016).

2. The Inspirational Thinker

Inspiring thinking is generally spontaneous, fast, and comes out of no place. Typically, people who come up with inspiring ideas see them in dreams initially, however might likewise experience this while being awake. Throughout this imaginative procedure, the specific undergoes a life-altering revelation that magnifies their skills and skills to an entire ‘another level.

We see convergent thinking illustrated with Psi standing in the centre with one big and actually BRIGHT light bulb. On the other side of the screen, we see divergent thinking shown with Psi being surrounded by multiple light bulbs branching off in different directions.

3. The Divergent Thinker.

Whereas convergent thinking involves focusing on only one idea or a single solution, divergent thinking includes a more versatile technique where lots of solutions and choices are explored (Jorlen, 2013). Individuals who are determined as divergent thinkers tend to brainstorm typically and delight in taking risks in order to explore other options.

Psi plays tic-tac-toe with another element and wins with all of his X’s linking. We see him at work in a corporate setting as a manager who establishes all the paperwork to make sure things are running efficiently. When he’s finished, we see the documents being printed and handed off to his manager.

4. The Systematic Thinker.

Do you have a flair for “linking the dots”? Individuals who recognize as organized thinkers are proficient at comprehending how things relate to one another when they look at systems (Jorlen, 2013). When a hierarchy is produced, systematic thinking is typically utilized in business settings. This kind of thinker is often considered a managerial genius because they’re great at organizing and setting guidelines and guidelines for operations to run smoothly.

We see a paintbrush to represent art, buildings to represent architecture, and a sketchpad and a pencil to represent drawing. We see a book to represent writing, beakers and tubes to represent science, and an equation to represent the math.

5. The Aesthetical Thinker.

Aesthetical thinkers also prosper in the music industry where they are proficient at creating rhythms, tempos, and tunes that all blend harmoniously together.

” Which type of creative thinker are you?”

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People who identify as divergent thinkers tend to brainstorm frequently and enjoy taking threats in order to check out other options.

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